Monday, November 17, 2008

Isn't it Grand!?!?

Grand rounds are over! I presented on Friday. The talk was pretty solid but it was a difficult topic since I was trying to pull a whole bunch of retrospective case series into supporting a coherent conclusion. Tip: if you have a carotid body tumor, get it out early and just say no! to preoperative embolization!

And then I had the nicest weekend. I went out on Friday for an after work beer with Chris and Dan. It was a quick one, but delicious! Then on Saturday, I kind of lazed around then went to a Swedish vampire movie and Thai with my roomie and friends. The movie was very Scandinavian- lots of moody ambiance. Until vampire girl attacks!

Then on Sunday, I went to Cabrillo National Monument and went for an awesome, slightly hilly 5 mile run on the most beautiful day. 80 and completely clear. But never fear. I just got a box of clothes today filled with cold weather attire for my Thanksgiving holiday.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Beware being too chatty with patients...

Scene: 7 o'clock p.m. while sticking a scope in a guy's nose.
Guy: So S.O. thinks you look kind of young for a doctor.
Me: Well, I'm about as young as you can get without being a Doogie.
Guy's S.O.: Late 20's?
Me: Yup
Guy's S.O.: I have two family members who are doctors but they're in their 50's. One's a *mumble*ologist and his wife is a general practitioner.
Me: Oh, a urologist! That's a fun specialty. Yes, I always thought that would be a cool specialty but I felt that when I told my family, they'd always seem to think, "Why does a nice girl like you want to deal with penises for the rest of your life.

**Me, suddenly sensing that maybe, once again, my hearing got the best of me**

Me: Wait, you did say urologist, right?
S.O.: Actually, neurologist.
Me: Oh. That's nice too!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

So, do want one of these one day?

Have you ever met a person who, while superficially socially capable, gives off a slight air of a.) awkward b.) odd c.)off or d.) all of the above? This weekend I was up in Del Mar (BEAUTIFUL, I wish I could live there sans 22 miles from work) for the toddler birthday party. Like I mentioned in the previous post, I had a nice time and the kids! They are so cute!

But during a space out moment, I heard "So, do you want one of these one day?" Thinking someone was talking to a kiddo, I remained my preoccupied self. Again, "So, do you want one of these one day?" Still zoned. Finally, this guy whom I had just met a few minutes prior is holding his gorgeous little girl and repeated the question. Oh! He's talking to me! And, I'm sorry, who are you to be asking? And are you offering your daughter or (god forbid) you to help with my Sad Single Sallyhood? Well, thank you very much good sir, but I'll have you know that I am currently the owner of zero cats so my situation isn't that dire yet.

Of course, I'm sure he was just trying to strike up conversation and perhaps offer advice along the lines of "Well, you won't find your dream guy there," when I told him I lived in Hillcrest. Hmmm, answer to the quiz above? D. Definitely D.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Ok, time to get serious. It's grand rounds time bay-bee and I need to create the best! presentation! ever! Ok, maybe not but I am working hard this weekend to avoid embarrassing myself and the family name at grand rounds this Friday. But I think it'll be ok b/c I'm really excited about my topic and while doing my lit search, I came across some surprising findings that I think will make the talk a little more interesting than a simple topic review.

But...I need to focus! I'm doing ok, but it's been a little while since I've given a talk and there are so many other exciting things to do. Like laundry. Making coffee. Going to a 3 year old's birthday party, which I just came back from. The residency here has so many people with little kids that most of the get-togethers involve grown-ups arranging their social time to coincide with their kids. Which is cool. Little kids are super cute and the whole crying thing? I don't really have to deal with it!

But now, it's Saturday afternoon, power-point presentation time. I can't wait until the talk is over because then, I'm only a week away from an East Coast family reunion! I'm so excited! I love when the six of us are together. And Mom and Dad have something up their sleeves for Friday so I'm sure it'll be a treat. Thanksgiving is going to be at Grandpa's place, sans Grandpa. Just the house. It'll be like old times since B and I will get to share a room. I just hope I'm not too much of an old lady. "It's 10, I'm sleeeee-py!" That would be a total sleepover Debbie Downer move.