Saturday, February 21, 2009

Arcade Fire!

I am so excited! Arcade Fire is kicking off their Spring tour in San Diego on 26 April! I'm definitely going to see them and thus, heal the raw, vicious wound that has hurt my heart since last year.

You see, I love Arcade Fire. I love quirky bands with lots of instruments and a lot of AF's songs are awesome-o. They were playing in Tokyo last February and I went to see them. I would have been fine going by myself, but I thought it would be fun to go in a group. But two of my friends were late (I found out later they were actually a secret couple for months so I'm guessing they were making out, which I can hardly begrudge them for), which I was fine with because really, do concerts ever start on time?

Yes. They do. In Japan (of course).

So, we only saw TWO songs after a ridiculous trip with many subway switches and one memorable walk along an expressway until we decided that it was definitely not.the.way. I was very sad. And a little mad. Not so much at my friends, but at that completely non-rockability of the whole thing. A concert that starts on time? No opening act? A band that only plays for a hour and a half with a BREAK!?!?!?! (I have been spoiled by Springsteen, a 50+ year old who goes for at least two and a half hours).

But, Arcade Fire, I have forgiveness in my heart and now I'm so EXCITED to see you in San Diego.

And yes, I will be on time. Although it will likely not start on time here. Things are way less prompt here in the States, which is more consistent with my nature. When I first came back though, I would be completely bewildered- "Where's the bus? The timetable says it should be here now and it's NOT." Timeliness is not something to mess around with in Japan and here? Well, maybe it's just a little more mellow in California. But Arcade Fire is Canadian (actually Quebecois if I remember right) so really, all bets are off.

P.S. I finally added photos from my San Francisco trip!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I feel like the biggest lame-o. I have laryngitis. I've never lost my voice in my life, although I have to admit I tried my hardest around 6th grade-ish because I thought it would be "cool." On Thursday, I steadily lost my voice until it was gone, with the exception of the occasional squeak. Really now, an ENT resident loses her voice. How ridiculous is that? Shouldn't I have some sort of magical power to fix my ailment? The answer: no.

Things are going well otherwise. The inservice exam is on the 6th so I'm studying hard for that. It's an 8 (eight!) hour standardized test given annually to ENT interns and residents as yet another gauge to see how awesome/terrible a person is. Much scorn or praise given in the next year is based on the exam results. So, yes, I'm studying away.

I'm also finally getting my stuff on the 27th! Hooray! I am so excited. Last week, my place was still a disaster area but I shamed myself into cleaning it up after I brought Jenny in to show her my deck. We had brunch at Hash House a go go that morning and it was delicious! I highly recommend it as a breakfast spot. We split a chocolate macadamia nut pancake (amazing! And 12 inches around and no, we didn't finish it) and a homemade hash that was pretty good- sun dried tomatoes, potatoes and ham. I'm still a total fan of the traditional hash and eggs that my Mom makes though (Hi Mom! Kisses!).

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Where have I been?!?!!? I know! Well, I moved into a new place and I haven't set up internet yet. But really, that's not a good excuse since I can get to Blogger at work too. But let me distract you from my blogging laziness by telling you about my new place!

Well, the University Heights deal completely fell through. Really, it was a slow unravel that was slightly protracted by my real estate agent's unflagging optimism. But my mortgage application was rejected after the HOA documents were received and the complex was, in a word, a mess. No budget, no reserve fund, and half the units were likely going to be placed on firesale since the developers are going bankrupt. So, even though it was a cute place and really well-designed, I think everything worked out for the best.

BUT. I had no place to live for 6 days. I moved out of my old place on the 9th, went to SF until the 11th. Then I had no place to live and I still hadn't heard yes/no. I really felt like a moron. How could I be a gainfully employed working professional and be of no fixed address?

So, I lived in the BOQ for a few days and then cat-sat for the weekend for my co-PGY2 who went up to Monterey with his wife. By cat-sitting, I had a place to live, hooray! But by Friday of that week I was set. Once again, I love Craigslist! I had been perusing the ads all week and Friday morning, found a little text only ad for a basement "in-law" flat with its own separate entrance. Although text only should raise a slight flag, I had a feeling that it may have been from someone not completely technically savvy but still pretty cool. And he was! I am renting a small apartment in the basement of a really nice house on the border of Banker's Hill and Hillcrest. It's completely finished and has a full kitchen. It's beautifully designed so it looks huge. Best of all, I have a private deck that overlooks an undeveloped canyon. I already bought my table, bench and chairs to take advantage of the awesome view.

Now, I just need my stuff delivered! I have an appt Tuesday to arrange for a delivery date, which probably won't be until early March since a portion of my belongings are still in Ft. Belvoir storage. Whatever. I've been without it this long so it's no big deal. It'll be like Christmas when everything is delivered though!

Wonky eye

*Sigh*  I was so proud of myself a few weeks ago when I transformed my car from a broken Pididle (one headlamp out) to a fully functioning, street-legal driving machine.  Yes, that's how I think of my Hyundai Accent, with all 103 ponies racing under that crazy hood.  

Last week, when driving in the fog while trying to find a pizza place where this awesome artist was playing, I realized that my car now has a wonky eye!  I guess you could call it a lazy eye but really, it's pure wonkiness.  Boo!   I was reminded last night after some fog rolled in and the problem was revealed again.  Maybe I should buy my car a pirate eyepatch for those tell-tale nights!