Sunday, December 5, 2010

I miss my sister!

Whah! I am so sad! My sister moved out today after sharing my teeny studio for the past four months. It has been so!much!fun! with her here, my live-in bestie! In all seriousness, I think my sister is one of the coolest people I know and we've always gotten along but living together raised to another level of sisterly bonding. Although we shared rooms in the Summers when I was home from college, I left home when she was 13 so there are definitely some formative years that our living situations didn't overlap.

Bonus: she thinks it's HILARIOUS when I dredge up stories that she barely recalls and usually features her in some embarrassing way. Especially when I tell them multiple times! But it's always to her- I rarely try to embarrass her in public although I'm sure I inadvertently do it all the time.

It's funny, I didn't even really feel that we were in that small of a space. Mostly because our timing didn't overlap all that much- I have worked a lot this Fall so it wasn't like I was just chilling on my awesome Ikea sofa. It actually would have been fun to cook together more, but we still had a great time hanging out and talking.

Poop. I miss her! And it's so funny because her moving out signals that the time for Mechen to move out is very, very close and I couldn't be more excited about that! But I'll definitely treasure our sister, sister time as two adult women who think the world of each other!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Time flies!!!

I feel that a lot of people have been commenting about how the end of the year is flying by. I, for one, love it because it means Mechen and I are that much closer to him coming out to San Diego. I am so excited! I really miss him this month! I won't see him until mid-December when he's set to move because I can't make it out there and he's really busy settling things out back in Norfolk. Although he has roughly 4 weeks before the move, he's going to be underway for just shy of two weeks during that time.

But I haven't been good at ALL about updating. Halloween was a lot of fun. Brady and I went out to a Halloween party in Golden Hill which was held in the most amazing house. It had gilded wallpaper! Although it was fun, we left early so we could meet up with people in the Gaslamp. It was an awesome people-watching seen. We went to Jimmy Love's and listened/danced to a great cover band. After the bars closed, it was almost as bad as downtown was on New Year's Eve, but we managed to get home.

I went as Rosie the Rivetor which was a great costume although I felt sort of butch-y, mainly because I wasn't totally skanked out which, while ridiculous, was something I was borderline self-conscious about. DUMB! Who's self-conscious on Halloween? Unless you go as a nudie- that might attract a little too much attention.

November has been a pretty good month so far. I started at Kaiser for a three month rotation. I've already gotten some amazing cases and I really think I'm going to get a great operative experience, especially with neck dissection and oncologic surgery. I can't wait because I definitely haven't seen enough of that yet in my residency.

Things are going well with Brady here although those days are ticking down too. She's heading to Copenhagen and Zurich for December and early January. She's coming back to San Diego but then she's getting her own place and I'll be with Mechen! Which of course is great but this has definitely been the best sister time! Who else can I sing "You smell!" songs to as an adult?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Meet the Fockers!

I just came back from the best weekend. I got to meet all of Mechen's brothers along with their families. Everyone was really welcoming. It's a really sweet family that, like mine, is able to pick up where they left off even though it had been FOREVER since Mechen had seen them (6 years! Way too long!).

Best of all, even though everyone was really nice, it was also very real. It wasn't like we were insta-family right away (just add water!), but they were happy that Mechen was happy and we all got along really well. I remember one ex's family was so overbearing- "Call me Mom!"- and it was really off-putting. I HAVE a family and even though over time we'll all be closer, it's something that happens over time. I guess I'm just a little sensitive to people insinuating that my family couldn't possibly be close since we don't live near each other, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. I love my family!

We hung out in Hagerstown for the weekend. Mechen and I hung out on our own a little bit, but it was mostly family time. He has the cutest nephews!

Also, vegan month is dead like the cow in the burger I ate on Sunday. Although I'm not going on a crazy meat-eating rebound since I didn't eat much to begin with, the strict veganism thing is not for me. It's WAY too much thinking about food and tracking it which I don't think is healthy, at least for me. Becoming compulsive about food is not enjoyable and since I really do love a good meal (balance is key!), I really didn't want to sap away the social interaction and pleasure that food can bring.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


OMG. I went to Bar Method class tonight- toodle-dee-doo- thinking it would just be an ordinary class. I was happy since I went home and had some oatmeal since I was close to being "hangry" but instead, I was set for my workout. The Bar Method San Diego just started to break out level 2's from 1's on Tuesday and Thursday nights so I braved a Level 2 class. It kicked my butt. I have never had such uncontrollable shaking in my legs before. While I love the Bar Method (I almost typed "BM" but changed my mind), I've always thought their emphasis on shaking was kind of stupid. It's always encouraged as it's a "sign" of reshaping the muscle and calorie burn. Maybe. I guess I can buy it in relation to forming longer, leaner slow twitch muscles fibers (Type 1 to 2, or vice versa?) but it still sounds slightly ridiculous to me. Tonight, however, I don't care what shaking means, all I know is that Jessica led a crazy-tough class and I loved it! It was definitely quite a challenge!

I'm also trying to do a vegan diet for 3 weeks. I've heard so many benefits from veganism that I want to try it for myself. It's fairly easy for me since I'm not the biggest meat eater although I'm going to have to REALLY benefit from veganism in order to give up cheese and fish long-term. I'm also meeting Mechen's brothers in a week and I don't want to be his crazy California girlfriend. I'm going to try and stick at least with vegetarian options, but I'm not going to make a scene about it. I've also been trying to avoid gluten which I think will also be tough to do that weekend. But I will plan, bring some snacks and try!

I also consider myself a "born-again" vegan since I started on 1 Oct, but ate a huge rack of ribs on the 3rd during the Chargers game tailgate. It was delicious! I bought the tickets before I decided to do this so I didn't really care about my new-found diet fad. But now, I'm back on the wagon!

The Chargers/Cardinals game was so much fun. Five of us went on the Pizza Port party bus which meant we got a ride to the game, beer on the bus (yay!)(and gluten-avoidance what?), a great tailgate, awesome seats (not really but the stadium is pretty small), and a ride back. I also went with some awesome girls so it was a really great time. One of my friends posted 190(!) pictures on Facebook which is crazy! I'll try and get one on here at some point. That's about all I can handle trying to coordinate.

Ok, off to prepare for pre-op tomorrow and sign some dictations. Snooze!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Best call Sunday!

Today was a terrific day! I did so much, spent too much money (wait for it!) and had so much fun hanging out with my sister.

First, I went to Farmhouse Cafe with Jenny. It was delicious! We split a small plate of ricotta pancakes followed by onion tart w/poached eggs for her and biscuits and gravy w/sausage and duck egg for me. While my dish was delicious, I couldn't finish it b/c it was a little too rich and I also am not the biggest fan of biscuits and gravy. Is that totally weird for ordering it then? I think so, but I knew it would be good and it's something that I would never make myself that I had to see how it was done. So, while tasty, I'm getting something else next time. There will definitely be a next time because I love that place, just notsomuch what I ordered today.

Then, I went back to the house, picked up Brady and we were off! We went to the Farmer's Market where we got TOTALLY suckered into to buying a ridiculous amount of fruit. One stand had "Fill a bag for $10" and we fell for it! But, we will figure out how to use it because 1. I don't like wasting time, food or a good deal and 2. a normal amount would have cost the same amount at full-price so why not pony up to the challenge of buying way too much?!

I also bought some gorgeous mini-bouquets, which are my frequent treat to myself. Then, we went to Velo Cult where I bought a new bike! It's a Miyata touring bike and I love it. I definitely need to get used to the non-cruiser bike seated position but I can't wait to ride it to work and all about town! I am going to pick it up tomorrow or Tuesday depending on what time I get out of the OR. But just in case, I will run to work tomorrow so I can make it up the hill if I manage to get out of here before 1830.

Next, we went to Pizza Port and split a small Port OB Pizza- mozzarella, gorgonzola crumbles, portobello mushrooms, roasted red peppers, butternut squash, asparagus and bacon. Amazing! Even splitting half a small was too much but in a great way. Then we stopped for small fro-yos.

After the feasting, we finally set out for what we meant to do all day- hike the Torrey Pines trails. It was beautiful and close to sunset so it worked out well going later in the afternoon. I dropped her off at the house earlier and then I came here to work on my Powerpoint for the academy meeting. That's been going nowhere but I will get off the Internet and get cracking!


No hitter...for now!

I know the weekend isn't over yet but I've had an excellent call weekend so far. Even if the shit hits the fan later today and tonight, the two no-hitter nights have been awesome and much appreciated. This past week, I was up until 1:30 for 4/5 nights working on my academy paper, which was finally submitted Friday night at 11. It looks pretty good and even though the reviewers will catch a few flaws that will need revisions, it's definitely in more than acceptable shape.

After a week like that though, I was TIRED! I went to bed Friday at midnight and slept in until 10, with a brief interruption at 7 where I thought I was up and would be unable to fall aslee-zzzzzzzzzzzzz! Brady and I went to the beach yesterday for 4 hours- it was awesome! I didn't get burned(!), the temperature was perfect and it was so much fun to be lazy and take a nap. After that, I was definitely caught up on sleep!

That night, we went out to Jolt'n Joe's downtown for a fellow resident's birthday party which was so much fun. Melissa, Brooke, Zheng, my sister were awesome to hang out with and catch up. I have been so MIA lately on the weekends with the Hawaii trip, unexpected trip to Norfolk and college friends in town that I hadn't "hanged" for a month! I had my standard cranberry and seltzer to drink (awesome go-to non-alkie drink) since I was on call AND driving.

Today, I'm at work. I have to write two notes and work on a presentation. I think I'm going to go soon though and go check out a few bike shops. Maybe Brady and I can go to Torrey Pines too. I'll check out the ER status board right before I go. If it's empty, I should be safe for at least a few hours.


Monday, September 6, 2010

Sister, Sister!

I know I still owe you a East Coast recap but I had to write a brief recap of my weekend with my awesome sister featuring a special guest appearance by Hillary and Jason.

Brady and I walked down to Little Italy from our place. We ate at a little pizza place because there was the best outdoor back deck. We shared a slice of cheese pizza, spinach calzone and a pitcher of Oktoberfest beer. Delicious! Then we went to El Camino for margaritas which was fun, but not the most amazing place ever. I think I'm feeling the need to move on to other places although you can't beat walking distance!

On Saturday, we picked up Hillary and Jason and went to C level, Cabrillo National Monument for the views and tidepools, a epic trip to the zoo (must make the most of $37 for admission!) and finally, South Beach for the best fish tacos anywhere. Anyone who says Rubio's is smoking crack! Oh yeah! We also went to Extraordinary Desserts for delicious cake- 3 slices for 4 people and we couldn't even finish them!

On Sunday, Hillary and I went out to brunch and then I worked on my paper for the Academy until 1:30 that morning!

Today, Brady and I were crazy efficient with errands AND went for a 5 mile run up at Cabrillo and went sailing in San Diego harbor for 1.5 hours. It was awesome and so much fun- once I got my sailing skillz back. The first 15 minutes weren't so terrific.

Ok, this is a brief dashed off note but more details on certain places (South Beach!) to come!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Island time!

Mechen and I went to Kauai for a week-long, "Hooray, we get to spend extended amounts of time with each other!" vacation. We planned for the last-week in August as joint vacation time, but the location didn't get finalized until fairly late. We were thinking of road-tripping it to a variety of fun places within doable distances for a week vacation- Vail, Napa/Sonoma, SF, Northern California. But then I had a "Screw it!" moment. We'll have plenty of time in the future to take the cheapy option of road-tripping. Not to knock road trips- we had a great one in January- but I wanted to VACATION in a way that will be harder to do in the future if our family plans go the way we hope (i.e. please, please not during residency!).

So, Mechen told me a budget for our surprise destination and Kauai it was! The airfare was definitely a hit on the pocketbook, but we went pretty low-budget on the lodging through rented rooms and condos (, I love you!). We also rented a subcompact car per our usual routine, much to the chagrin of the rental car lady who was really hard-selling every option. Her final blow was, "Don't you want to rent a FUN car?" Um, no. I want to rent 4 wheels that work. You're talking to a woman who owns the cheapest Hyundai model- cars are not that important to me. Although I'll admit, I'm definitely an appreciator of nice cars when I'm getting a lift from a high-rolling friend, it's just not important enough to me for me to own one.

So, we went on Sunday after the Hail and Farewell kept us in town through Saturday night. We landed in Lihue several hours later and it was amazing. Have you ever experienced the perfect temperature air? I'm not sure of the exact number, but I know I felt it. Combined with a light breeze, it was perfection. We hopped in our most ono car and headed for the West Coast, to Kakeha. We stayed there for three nights and went to Kekeha beach, Barking Sands beach, Polihale State Park, Waimea Canyona and Koke'e State Park where we went on two hikes. We saw beautiful fog while hiking along Hanapu ridge and more fog and neat ecosystems while hiking the Alakai swamp. The hikes were a lot of fun, plus it allowed us to explore while staying out of the sun all day, every day. Although try as I might with the sunscreen, I got burned a few times. The sun was no joke. Also, Kauai was talked about as being such a beautiful place that people would take helicopter rides to see it. Helicopters were advertised as the best way to see the island up close- well, what about hiking? It was a lot of fun and Mechen and I had a great time. Of course, if we found a $500 bill on the sidewalk that said, "You must spend this on helicopter rides," of course we would have. But we felt it wasn't completely necessary for an amazing time and I feel pretty confident that we were right.

I'll write more about our East Coast Adventures in another post but for now, details...

8/15: Hawaiian Air from SD --> Honolulu --> Lihue
Lodging: Mindy's Rental ( 2 blocks from a beach with narrow strip of sand but nice sunsets!
Food highlights: Shave Ice (Jo-Jo's Clubhouse), Pina Colada by Mechen, master mixologist!

8/16: Hanapu Ridge Hike (4 mi)
Waimea Canyon
Halipole State Park
Shave Ice! (Jo-Jo's Clubhouse)

8/17: Alakai Hike (7 mi)
Barking Sands Beach
Shave Ice (Jo-Jo's Anueanue)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Time flies...

Ok, not really but I've had such a wonderful Summer and barely written about it at all. It's hard to motivate to write a blog post at work and since I rarely have internet access otherwise, well, blogging falls by the wayside.

July started off completely amazingly because I went to Norfolk to play the part of "good Navy girlfriend" when Mechen's ship returned from a six month deployment. I hadn't seen him since January and I had only talked to him on the phone four times during that whole time interval. The weekend was amazing. Too short, but to actually be with my boyfriend was such a treat. I know it's kind of weird to say- wow, I got to hang out with my boyfriend, fancy that. But after two years of loooong-distance, it's the little things that sustain me. Although my patience is getting thinner as December gets closer and closer. Hurry up December! (And why do I say that? Because Mechen has orders to CP and will be in San Diego. Hooray!)

I'll have to look at my calendar to update on other July goings on but August has also been a pretty good month because my sister Brady moved out to San Diego and is staying with me AND Rob and I went on a week long vacation to Kauai. It was totally awesome and beautiful. More details (and pictures!) to come!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


June has been so much fun. And while I should be working on a paper [see title], I've also been quite neglectful of this little page so really, who's the procrastinator now?!?! Um, I think it's still me.

The first weekend in June, I went to an American-French housewarming party with delicious French small plates (actually served in glasses) called Verrines were served. They were delicious and it was so much fun to see my friend Suzi and her husband Renaud again. I hadn't seen them since med school apart from seeing Suzi every so often here at the hospital.

Sunday 6/6, I went to Mumford and Sons which was an INCREDIBLE show. They were amazing live and I felt they had a lot of charisma that added to a live delivery of their songs. Here's a set list that is from Bonnaroo but seems to be pretty accurate to what I heard on the 6th.

*Sigh No More*The Cave*Awake My Soul*White Blank Page*Timshel*Nothing Is Written*Feel The Tide*Little Lion Man*Lover of the Light*Thistle and Weeds*After the Storm*Wagon Wheel* Roll Away Your Stone*

The weekend after, I became a true sailor b/c I completed my basic sailing course. It was so much fun, although hyper-competitive me always gets annoyed while learning a new skill. I can't handle totally sucking at something- well, I can but not very graciously. I'm still pretty terrible but I'm going to rent a boat and practice.

The third weekend, I went to Amanda and Nate's wedding which was so much fun and I met so many neat people there. A&N have a great group of friends and although I had met several before, it was nice to get reacquainted. I also became reacquainted with the idea that bottomless wine glasses are a TERRIBLE idea and I really ought to know that by now. Fortunately nothing too terrible happened other than a ridiculous hangover but really, smack on the hand for me.

That Sunday, I went to an Imogen Heap concert. I didn't know much about her music other than the stuff from the O.C. (I am so cool. And so 2005) and that three of my friends with excellent musical taste all like her stuff. The concert was great! Her sampling in real time and manipulation of the musical sounds was incredible. A setlist is pending but really, I am a big fan now. I know it seems I'm a big fan of every group I see, but it's in part due to the fact that I don't see that many concerts and I really only go to acts I already know and like.

This weekend, I'm on call. I'm supposed to be writing a paper *ahem* so I think I'll get back to that now. Tonight is my friend Kate's birthday celebration which I'm excited for- a big backyard BBQ! I haven't had grilled food in awhile. Hopefully, the pager will be quiet so I can stay and have a delicious dinner but it not, she and her husband live right up the hill from the hospital so I can get here and back in a flash.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fun weekend!

This past weekend was the funnest! And while "funnest" might not technically be a word and some might even find it annoying, it apparently isn't as annoying as "kewlest" to some folks. That word sparks vitriol although I think it's hilarious. Oh, well. Tastemaker I'm not.

ANYway! I had so much fun this past weekend. On Friday, I watched "The Big Labowski" which I saw at some point during high school. I don't get the cult-classic appeal but there were some excellent lines. "I'm calmer than you...I just want to point out I'm calmer than you." In addition, I'm firmly on the side of hating the Eagles so I definitely appreciated the scene where the Dude gets thrown out of a cab for expressing the same opinion.

On Saturday, I had a pretty mellow day but then got called up by a friend to go out to "The Steamery." I love seafood! Too bad I misheard. But I loved the other place too, a very chi chi club called Stingeree here in SD. It's totally not my normal scene but the DJ was really good and we had our own table so much dancing ensued. Well, actually, not tons but it was a lot of fun.

I got home at 3 and guess what I had committed to prior to accepting the invite out on Saturday? A 10-miler starting at 9. I woke up and felt great so I went for it. I caught up with my friend Amanda whom I hadn't seen in awhile. We ran the entire Mission/Pacific Beach boardwalk continuing into Wind N'Sea and back. Then I went back home and crashed. It was a 3 hour nap and I woke up with a sleep hangover. It felt luxurious! Then, I went out to Neighborhood for dinner. I was STARVING since I slept through lunch. While the Black Bean Burger was pretty good, the sweet potato fries were STELLAR. OMG, so good.

Then, Jenny and I went to The National concert at Spreckel's Theater. They put on a great, energetic 2 hour show. The opening band wasn't bad and I really had a fun time. I would have preferred a Friday or Saturday night concert but it was worth staying out late on a school night!

The National's Setlist
* Start a War
* Mistaken for Strangers
* Anyone's Ghost
* Bloodbuzz Ohio
* Afraid of Everyone
* Secret Meeting
* Slow Show
* Squalor Victoria
* All the Wine
* Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks
* Little Faith
* Conversation 16
* Apartment Story
* Daughters of the Soho Riots
* Abel
* Sorrow
* England
* Fake Empire
* Runaway
* Lemonworld
* Mr. November
* Terrible Love
* About Today

Sunday, May 9, 2010

San Diego Spring!

I feel like my life is so boring after vacations! I go from doing new, exciting things all day long to the fairly mundane day-to-day. That being said, I love my life! I just don't know how interesting it is to talk about it sometimes. Whah-whah (aside: how do I type the Debbie Downer tone b/c I think what I just typed "sounds" more like crying).

My weekend has been pretty fun although SUPER mellow. The highlight was definitely Mechen calling! Hooray for sneaky phone calls on official lines! It was so great to talk to him and hear his laugh. It's funny because we keep up pretty well by email but there's so much to say and not that much time on the phone and sometimes I just want to sit there on the phone, knowing that we're doing the exact same thing at the exact same time.

I also got my nails done and I might have a new thing! I think my hands and feet look just slightly more "neat" and I love the unlimited tacky options I can have on my toenails. Mainly in terms of color. I think I'm too cheap for flowers or Swarovski crystals on my big toe! Right now, I have a delightfully tacky hot pink color on my toenails. I would pick a totally Crayola color except I always think I'm being made fun of when all of a sudden, the language switches from English to another! Choices!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Copenhagen Wrap-Up!

After the Switzerland trip, we were back baby! Back in the land of the hopelessly chic and budding trees, which was very exciting after having lived in San Diego for two years. Trees without leaves? How novel!

So, on the 15th, Dad arrived in Copenhagen for his R&R from Marja. Much needed, I think. And it turned out to be unbelievably fortuitous that he arrived on the 15th rather than his original date of the 16th b/c European Airspace was starting to get a little messy at that point although total chaos didn't hit until the 17th. Although Dad was tired, he wanted to do something so we hit up the Louisiana museum again and the Batten amusement park where Joe kicked ass on a shoot-out game. I didn't partake but I was happy to see the entire "Color in Art" exhibit and grab a beer outside on a day with crystal blue skies.

The next day, I went to Roskilde on my own and saw the coolest Viking museum. The ships were amazingly reconstructed by having the recovered beams affixed to stark steel beams. There were also replicas available for viewing. It was small but really cool. It's amazing what interests peoples and what hobbies people pursue. I have to admit though, I wanted to take up 8th century ship building techniques and build myself a rowboat!

On the 17th, Dad, Joe and I went to Dragor to see the cute fishing village. Joe and I also went to the Glyptotek back in Copenhagen and saw the coolest Egyptian exhibit where we walked down a darkened staircase like we were going into a tomb. There were several sarcophaguses and two mummies! AUGH! Mummies! That night, we had Joe's commissioning ceremony and party which was totally awesome. My brother, 2LT!

The next day, my flight was cancelled due to massive volcanic ash. The whole family went for a walk in Fredickborg Park, which was beautiful. We had an extra family dinner (yay!).

Finally, on Monday, I went for one last bike ride, walked the Stroget and had drinks with everyone except Brady who had started her epic train journey. I went to the airport last night and managed to book a flight to start my trip home. The catch? Overnight bus to Oslo. Otherwise, I was stuck in Copenhagen until the 27th. Not really an option.

So I went on an overnight bus with a seatmate who expanded when sleeping and had personal space issues, at least according to my uptight American way of thinking. Then I stood in two lines for a combined 5 hours and yelled at old people who were cutting (let it be known that they were very healthy and WRONG- they were not infirm, nor were they right although they thought so. They were just dirty cutters). Next, I cried at the counter b/c I thought my wallet was stolen and got a voucher for coffee. I then proceeded to find my wallet in a different bag (thank goodness!). I was pretty embarrassed that I was so out of it that I had packed my wallet. Who does that? People who want to get free coffee and have no dignity, apparently. (Me!) But really, I had sprinted after a bus when I first figured out my wallet wasn't in my purse so really, I thought someone had lifted it in Copenhagen since I had my purse open, basically asking someone to steal it from the luggage cart.

The first leg though, I felt my head roll in the headrest like I was in need of a good old fashion exorcism. When I woke up, my seatmate was gone. More room for me! Score! Write that down as a technique for future flights!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Switzerland sub-trip!

On Saturday, Ed, Joe and I headed out to the Airport to visit Brady in Zurich. While this ends up being slightly ironic given the airplane difficulties at the end of the trip (and if it isn't strictly "ironic," I don't care), it was an awesome sibling trip to several amazing cities in Switzerland.

We went out in Zurich, except for Joe who was still recovering from his arrival the day prior. We went to the pedestrian streets of Hauptbahnhof and Bahnhofstrasse. We saw the neatest toy stores with very well-made toys, mostly craftsy, stuffed or wood-based. Ed and I also explored a mid-century modern furniture store much like Design Within Reach which means budget-wise, it's anything but. But the store was cool with multiple levels of wood and grating. Then we went back to Brady's house, had a fondue party and then headed to a bar to finish the night.

The next day, we headed to the Ticano canon to visit Lucarno the first day followed by Bellinzona the next. Locarno had two neat sights: Franciscan Santuario della Madonna del Sasso church up the funicular and the Castello Visconteo. We went to a restaurant of the Gran Piazza for dinner which was good and more importantly, cheap-ish.

Bellinzona was a little bit higher on my favorite list because it had a UNESCO World Heritage site! It comprises multiple sites: Castelgrande, Montebello Castle, Sasso Corbaro Castle, the city walls and the Murata. It was quite a walk in this natural confluence of Alpine passes but it was so beautiful. I had the most delicious lunch- a lasagnetta, a seafood sauce with three thin slabs of fresh pasta arranged in lasagna style. It was delicious although initially, I had my doubts. Then we headed back to Zurich.

The next day, Joe and I headed to Lucerne and saw the transport museum with the neatest mousetrap ever, the Martyred Lion, the mirror maze, Glacier Garden, the covered bridges and the beer garden! Or rather, a beer garden with delicious beer!

The last day, I spent mostly on my own touring Zurich proper to include the Grossmunster with beautiful stained glass windows by Giacometti and Munch, the Fraumunster with Chagall windows, the Lindenhof, the Frietag store and my favorite, the Kunsthaus with the best collection from Emile Bruhle, a Swiss collector who may/may not have been the most ethical collector in the 40s although he did return paintings that were properly claimed (and then bought them again!). That evening, we returned to Copenhagen and pigged out on Indian food made by Mom. Certainly not needed by that point but delicious.

Copenhagen Chic!

There's a bicycle blog with photos, mainly of fashionable Copenhagen bikers. While I hesitate in any way to assign that description to myself, I *did* bike without a helmet. That made me blend in a bit. Although I totally would have worn a helmet if one was available.

Friday, 4/9, I cycled a lot around Copenhagen. I went to Christenhavn and climbed the tower of Our Savior Church which was SO scary! It's quite high and the last 150 steps are actually outside on a metal staircase hugging the steeple! There's a 5 foot high guardrail but still- it's borderline vertigo inducing.

After I recovered from my hyperventilation, I had a polse that was delicious. It's a hot dog +, much longer and thinner with crispier "skin." It was fransk style, meaning it was popped into a thin baguette. Delish! Then I went to the hotel designed by Arne Jacobsen. Well, reputedly. There was a conspicuous lack of egg chairs that I thought were supposed to be present.

Next, I went to the Rundetarn, an astrologic observatory near the Stroget, a pedestrian walkway. The climb to the top was wide and in a spiral. People have ridden horses to the top. Mostly Russian czar/czarina types so it hasn't been done anytime recently.

After the climbs and bike rides, I went home and gave into the pressing need for a nap. I felt amazing afterwards. Ed, Mom and I went to the Louisiana Art Museum for the evening where music played in the cafe and the exhibits were open until 10. There was an exhibit called "Color in Art," which delved deeply into a wonderful private collection owned by the Swiss couple Werner and Gabrielle Merzbacher. The time period ranged from pre-Impressionists to mid-century modern.

There was also another exhibit called Homo sapiens sapiens by swiss artist Pipilotti Rist, which consisted of lying on very comfortable settees and watching changing images on the huge ceiling screen. I felt very avant-garde.

Then we went home, so it was a full day even with a jet-lag recovery nap.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hamlet is Not MacBeth

Have you ever started to describe something and you realize, "Hmmm, what I am saying is completely nonsensical but I can't quite figure out why?" It's happened to me once or twice before but I think what is a more likely occurrence is describing something ridiculous and having no insight. An example of the former is when I mixed up tamarind and tahini when both cooking and describing a dinner party dish. An example of the later is what happened yesterday.

Ed and I were at Kronborg Slot in Helsingor, Denmark. Ed asked why, exactly, was this "Hamlet's Castle." I told him it was just a setting Shakespeare picked. Then I started going into the plot details of the downfall of Hamlet in the hands of a man "not born of a woman" and supported by the "moving forests of Elsinore." Ed looked at me and said, "That's MacBeth." The embarrassing thing was, it still took me a few minutes to believe him that I was completely and totally backwards. Not only that, the way I remembered the plot was more from recalling Tom Stoppard's "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead" rather than the actual "Hamlet." And I've read all three I swear. But now I am old so that was about 12 years ago now. [Aside: how was high school that long ago? At the same time, it also feels like it was hundreds of years ago. P.S. It's the moving forests of Dusinane and the man was MacDuff, born by a C-section. Even though when I think MacDuff, I think of the cartoon "Duck Tales"]

ANYway, Denmark is awesome. I arrived on Tuesday and went for a run. I got super lost, but managed to find my way back after stopping in a hotel. It's always a bad sign when you end up back from a run with a map in your hands. Copenhagen is beautiful and I love all of the artificial waterways, initially built for defense. Mom and I went to a tapas bar called Panzon (pants on!) that was delicious! We had a glass of wine each and a really nice mixed plate of cheese, meat and spreads.

On Wednesday, I went to Amalienborg Castle and saw the changing of the guard. Then I met up with Mom and Ed at Ida Davidsen's for lunch. It was a delicious Smorebrod feast! The base bread was on the small side and quite hearty and dense. On top, there was lox, dill mayonnaise and Greenland shrimp with dill. My second course, which should be meat by tradition, was another fish dish that Ida called her Spring specialty. It was asparagus in a Gruyere sauce on a plate topped with Rockland shrimp. Soft white bread was served on the side. Mom and Ed had great smorebrod as well and we all shared.

Afterwards, Ed and I went to Rosenborg Slot, a castle significantly redone by Christian IV. The crown jewels and treasury are there as well. The surrounding grounds were beautiful and I'm sure once everything is in bloom in the next few weeks, it will be stunning.

That night, Mom, Ed and I went to Figaro, another cozy bar where we had a beer. I broke the footrest on a stool, but the welding had come loose and I'm sure it was broken before. But nothing like pushing off the footrest and having it clatter to the floor. I love being inconspicuous!

Yesterday, Ed and I took a trip north to Kronborg Slot. It was awesome, mixed-up Shakespeare references aside. I really wanted to go up Telegraph Tower but it is only open May-September. My favorite part was the casements, or underground cellars/bunkers. Their main purpose was to serve as places to hunker down and survive a siege. There were holding cells, exercise rooms, storage bins. It was awesome and so cold! 7 degrees C! Brrr! That type of chill feels like it would just set up in one's bones.

We ate lunch in the town at Radmand Davids Hus, a cute restored house with more smorebord!

Next, we went to Klambenborg and biked through Dyrehaven and went to the Bakken amusement park, which is the oldest operating amusement park in the world! We rode the Rutschebanen, a rickety wooden roller coaster around since 1932. The whole place was more carnival than huge amusement park, but it was cute. It was pretty empty, patron-wise, but all the rides were open. It's sweet that there's no quota of people needed for allowing a good time.

Pjerrot is the mascot clown, of whom I snapped an illegal picture according to Ed (I didn't see a cashier charging for pics but Ed said that was the whole point of the clown sitting at the house. Hmmmm).

Next, we went to Bellevue beach and saw a cute lifeguard tower by Arne Jacobsen. It was raining and fairly dreary but I decided I wanted to bike home along the Strandvejen 12 km back to Copenhagen. Ed politely declined and took the train home. I got drenched but I love seeing the Whiskey Belt homes and outskirts of Copenhagen.

We ate dinner at home and then went to bed. Today, I need to go over the swearing in ceremony with one of the embassy Marines followed by a few sights in Copenhagen and a trip out to Roskilde to see the Viking Museum. Tonight, Ed, Mom and I are going to Louisiana, a contemporary arts museum slightly north of Copenhagen.

Birthday Weekend!

I had a great birthday weekend! Basic was a lot of fun. There's a lounge area that links the bar area with the greater room. It has four seating areas with huge cushioned ottomans that are comfy and made for sitting. The pizza was not as good as I was expecting but it was decent. The drinks were great and the cupcakes that Jenny brought were awesome and way too plentiful and available!

After Basic, Jenny and I went to Starlite and talked to some people for awhile, which was nice because mingling in San Diego does not always happen so easily. Finally, we called it a night. Yay for friends who organize birthday parties!

Saturday was pretty mellow. I had a slight headache initially, but pretty much chilled out all day while packing for my trip and getting ready for brunch the next day.

Brunch. I love brunch! Sunday we had caramelized oven-baked French toast, a cheese and spinach strata (ama-zing!), blintzes, coffee cake and bellinis. Holy yum!

Afterwards, Sam hosted a linner with ham and various veggie sides that was also delicious. I feel like I ate more on Easter than I did on Thanksgiving!

Finally, I did a once-over on what I packed for Denmark/Switzerland. I am normally not that diligent but I really did not want to forget anything. As it ended up, I couldn't find my camera but I've been using Mom's since I've been here.

Monday started out fairly smooth. I went to Bar Method and for a 5 mile run. I showered, got ready and called a cab slightly later than I wanted (12:15 vs 12). I waited 30 minutes and called. The guy had lost my cab request. AUGH! Big jerk! I was heading to the airport for a 13:44 flight and it was now 12:53! So, I waited "5-6 minutes" (read: 10) and just as I was about to hop in my car, which would have been frightfully expensive to park, the cab rounded the corner. We got there quickly and though I sorely wanted to stiff the cabbie since I was so mad, I didn't since it wasn't his fault. No point in punishing the independent operator when his dispatcher is the one who sucks.

I couldn't check in automatically, but a counter agent helped me. The security line was stressfully long but I got through alright. As it ended up, I had gotten an exit row seat (score!) and made it with 5 minutes to spare. I am SO lucky though b/c the flight was way oversold- I'm still not sure how I managed to keep my seat since I checked in so late. I was also helped by the fact the plane was running a 20 minute delay. So, phew! I can retain my record of never having missed a flight!

Friday, April 2, 2010


Oh, my gosh it's here. I'm so excited. Another decade- it just seems so full of possibilities!

I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my parents at work. It was so awesome. My parents are the best!

I'm about to leave work and go home. I need to come back to work to pick up my flowers, then get ready for tonight. I'm going to Basic, a bar/lounge downtown with people from work and people I know in SD. I've gone once and had the best time dancing. We're going to eat there this time. Supposedly, they have awesome pizza. Jenny also ordered cupcakes so it'll be a real party. It'll be like a party in Japan, where people tend to host them outside of their homes b/c they're so small (the homes, not the people. 30s is the decade of non-dangling modifiers!).

I have all these ambitions for reflecting on my 20s and what I hope for in my 30s but maybe I'll make it a birthday weekend project b/c 1. I want to get out of here and 2. I need to pick up a little around my house before Jenny comes over to pick me up.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Santa Monica!

On Saturday, I woke up and got ready for my mini-road trip to Santa Monica with my friend Jenny. We got to Santa Monica around 10:30 and headed for the Farmer's Market. Hillcrest's is definitely better! I think there are actually a few more farmers represented at Hillcrest and there were only 2-3 prepared food vendors rather than the whole aisle of them at Hillcrest. I love that about Hillcrest- do I want tacos, Thai food, paninis, etc!? Brunch at the Farmer's market is one of my faves (no bloody mary though, boo!). So, after we walked around 3rd St promenade, we went to Anisette, a French bistro and had mussels and a salad for brunch/lunch preceded by half a pain au chocolat each.

Then we drove to Will Roger's State Park and went on a 2-2.5 mile easy hike to a really pretty hilltop. Then we drove through Topenga Canyon but skipped the hike.

On the way back, we stopped on Montana Ave and went on a long walk and window shop/went into stores. I bought a sailor stripe shirt that I really wanted and a cool black shirt. After the drive, we got back and I went for a run from SM to Venice Beach. I was under a little bit of a time constraint so I didn't see Muscle Beach, but someday! Then we went to JiRaffe which was amazing.

To start, I had a blood orange cosmo- delish but no muddling. Jenny's drink had mint and kumquats vigorously muddled and it was delicious! There was also vodka, lime and simple syrup so it was almost like a mojito variation. I had one later- I definitely want to replicate the recipe!

Then dinner was awesome. I got a tomato tart with buretta cheese on phylo while Jenny got the purple gnocchi with shrimp. Both were really good but the highlight for me was my lamb dish. Yum, yum! It was a rack of lamb with 5 meat lollipops. Jenny got Scottish salmon, which was also delish. We shared the main courses and it was awesome. Dessert, like we needed it, was a sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream that we split. Then we went to a bar and had a final drink before turning in. I had a drink with Pimm's in it, which I had never had before. It tasted like a liquid riccola cough drop. So, not terrible but a little too medicinal for my drinking tastes.

Sunday morning, we woke up at 8:30 and ran to Venice Beach and had brunch at 3 Square Café and Bakery. I had the bread pudding French toast which was tasty but weird since it came in 2 thin slices, like they had made a meatloaf, but it was French toast. It also came with eggs, bacon, and BBQ beans made with chickpeas. Yum, but nothing AMAZING. I've had better brunches in SD. Which, granted, is pretty stiff competition.

Then we walk/ran back to the hotel, got ready and checked out. We went to Anthropologie, which is a pretty cute store but expensive and I didn't find anything that I wanted enough.

Then we went to the Getty, which is stunning. I want to go back and go on a tour that describes the architecture. It was an amazing complex of buildings and gardens. We also saw sketches by Da Vinci, paintings by Rembrandt, and some European paintings and sculptures.

Afterwards, Jenny needed a snack so we went to Diddy Riece and I got an ice cream sandwich- peanut butter ice cream on a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie and a white chocolate chocolate cookie. Yum! The ride home had slightly heavier traffic than going up but it was still pretty straight forward. I went to work to write an email to Mechen then I went home and crashed.

It was an awesome weekend and I love the mini-road trip idea. I would like to go to Dana Point and San Clemente island as well as Palm Springs.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

DMV, a.k.a. the Star Wars bar scene

Today, I went to DMV and cursed CA smog laws! I have to get a smog test. This is NOT in accordance with the website. I went to MCRD to get the test and I learned that an automatic "FAIL" is generated by any car with a check engine light on. They were nice enough to send a mechanic out to check and verify that the check engine light was actually illuminated before telling me to get my car fixed before running the test. Actually, I'm being slightly sarcastic because, really Mr. Mechanic? Do you REALLY think I'm unable to recognize a light on my dashboard that's in the shape of engine as the mother-ef'ing "check engine" light? Maybe I'm just so stupid that I would confuse the oil can light with the engine light. Thanks for being a condescending a-hole...girls don't know anything about cars.

I feel slightly guilty about calling someone who was trying to do me a favor a mean name, but I just don't appreciate the motivating assumption that I was an idiot.

DMV itself was slightly more cheery than expected, but mostly because I was expecting a dungeon. The woman who inspected my car was quite nice and let me get back in line despite my number having been called when I was outside taking off my license plates. Thank you Misha! Thank you Lisa! Shout out to the nice people at DMV!

I also went to a Bar Method class this morning. By the time my 30 days are up, I will have gone to 19 classes. I love the classes. The combination of workout sub-sections and peppy music really make the hour fly by. I feel stronger and more flexible. No weight loss (slight boo!) but I feel leaner. I had really shirked from the strength training for several months and deluded myself into thinking that the scale staying the same meant that everything was ok, rather the lovely and insidious process of adding fat and losing muscle. Awesome-o. Not recommended!

Ooo, but what is recommend is Mumford and Sons. New love! And I bought tickets to see them at Belly Up Tavern. I'm so excited. They have a lovely mix of poetic lyrics and fast/slow parts to most songs. Although whoever writes the songs was seriously wronged by a former flame. Yikes. Some of the lyrics are withering. Hell hath no fury...

This weekend, Jenny and I are heading up to Santa Monica, followed by a Sunday spent at the Getty Museum. I'm excited for the mini-road trip!

And there's been an awesome email string among my college friends recently so I have a couple of "To Reads" to add to the list: The Help, Stieg Larsson's crime trilogy. The Larsson books are not in my usual genre but in 2008, only The Kite Runner outsold his first book.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fun weekend!

This weekend was so much fun and to cap it all off, Mechen called tonight! That was definitely the highlight. I miss that guy so much. But to go back to the beginning...

On Friday, Jenny and I went to Lancers to play several games of pool. I was completely off of what little game I have but it was fun and pretty chill. Art and Nate met up with us and we went to SmallBar for some food. I had the sliders last time, which were quite tasty and this time I ordered the corn dogs. They were delicious, but I definitely didn't eat both of them. That would have been a lot of corndog for sure. We had a few beers and had the most hilarious interaction I've had yet in a San Diego bar. Janet had come with two of her best friends, "Bestie" and "Boozer," who sounded more frenemy then friend as Boozer was talking to a guy at the bar whom Janet had seen first. Boozer apparently snagged him by "being all up against him and snuggling him into her fake boobs like this." Well, "this" involved Janet grabbing Art's bald shiny noggin and basically motorboating him against her chest. It was amazing. And it happened three times. I felt so lucky. I'm not so sure about Art.

Well, alas, Janet was unsuccessful in luring the man away from Boozer so she left in her silver Tiburon. *Sigh* Drunk drivers, major boo. Well, Bestie came out, realized Janet was gone and hauled Boozer out to the sidewalk to discuss how to get home. Boozer wasn't planning on going anywhere and told Bestie to take a cab. This resulted in a cat fight with lots of scratching and drunken punches being thrown, meaning they missed and kind of flailed. You know, when you try and hit a baseball and miss so you end up spinning around a few times with the bat? Exactly.

The patio closed at 10 and we moved in and I was pretty much done for the night. I wasn't really planning on staying out out, so we all parted ways.

The next day, I went to a Bar Method class. It was my sixth one in a row, which I think is a little much. I think the ideal balance is 3-4 days a week. My legs were pretty wiped although I still got a great workout.

Next up was brunch. Jenny had been scouting out Farmhouse Cafe, which we found out is a Sunday brunch only type of place. So we went to Adams Ave Grill. It was amazing. Slow service (understaffed) from a check perspective, but the food came out piping hot. It was delicious. I had a Belgian waffle with cooked bacon bits in the batter topped with cheesy grits and scrambled eggs. A bit heavy but awesome. The rest of the table ordered egg dishes although at some point, I need to con someone into getting the Lavender infused Creme Brulee French toast so I can have a bite.

After that I did laundry where I locked my keys in the car. I almost opened it myself but ended up calling a tow truck/opener. Then I washed and vacuumed my car, went to the commissary and cleaned the house a bit. Definitely an errand-y Saturday but I had to get things done.

Today, I went on the El Cajon mountain hike which was 12 miles of craziness. The trail winds its way over several sub-peaks so there's a lot of ups and downs meaning walking out is just as hard as walking in (ok, maybe a little easier). It was fun but my legs feel like lead!

Afterwards, Nate and I went to South Beach Bar and Grill and I got two Baja fish tacos. Amazing. I had some ice cream from Whole Foods afterwards and a nice nap. BTW, I hate when people self-righteously assess other people's food at Whole Foods. I'm not vegan and I dig ice cream. Zip it!

Finally, the highlight of my weekend was talking to Mechen tonight. I'm the luckiest. It was great to hear his voice, although it completely reopens the slight amount of compartmentalization I am able to achieve and I miss him so much. Oh well, just a few short (yeah right) months left.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Amazing Read!

I just finished "Stones Into Schools." It was amazing. I read it in 24 hours and was so inspired. The fact that one man can start a movement that ends up larger than himself and empower so many people who have the most at stake in their own home country is amazing.

I resisted reading "Three Cups of Tea" for the longest time. Oprah + book clubs + a really bad experience with "Eat, Pray, Love" (hate that book) left me wary of memoir/movement/be a better person type of writing. I ended up really liking it and being inspired, although I often wondered how his wife did it. Not in a disparaging way because I completely understand what it's like to date someone who's so often so far away. But rather, due to residency and the Navy, I have no concept of what it's like to have a job where you can be a single parent and make it work, which she seems to have done admirably well. [Aside: there are definitely single parents who make it work in medicine and in the military and I am in complete awe.]

This book, though, was unbelievable. Life can be such a coin toss and so poised on the brink of incredible joy and unmitigated disaster. But the perseverance, perspective and strength of the Afghan and Pakistani people took my breath away. I devoured the book. In this recommendation, I don't want to give a synopsis or parse the message. Read the book.

Perfect Healer!

I am a "perfect healer" and "everything looks great" according to Dr. Pham. Yes, post-op day 10 from LASIK and I'm good to go! No activity restrictions which, oddly, has suddenly quelled my desire to go swimming that sprang up when I was told that I couldn't. My eyesight is great! I have occasional dry eye that's super minimal. It feels like a long day with contacts in and is easily remedied by a drop or two or a couple of hard blinks. The night time halos are down to pre-op levels and there's definitely no star-bursting with night lights. I am SO happy with my decision to get the surgery. The biggest difference is just opening my eyes in the morning and seeing perfectly. I also love working out without glasses or contacts. It makes intervals so much easier. Finally, I can't wait until Mechen gets back and I can see him clearly all the time!

I also really like the Bar Method classes. I feel like I'm getting stronger and can do the ab work more effectively. This week was kind of a breakthrough b/c I got the moves down a little more and I'm slightly stronger in the core so the workout intensity actually went up. When I first started, my body would kind of wilt into semi-compensation postures because I wasn't strong or coordinated enough for everything to flow perfectly. Now I have the timing down a little bit better and I can get my body into the right position for almost every sequence. I still have a l-o-n-g way to go before I ever look like a bar pro (or even semi-pro). Although my legs are straight, I still can't raise them even close to high enough but it's exciting. This workout will be effective for a long time to come. I'm going to finish my month and then resume once I get back from Denmark. I'm currently debating whether or not I should buy a DVD for the trip but I don't want to be made fun of by my brothers and sister. Some things never change plus I always feel so goofy when I'm halfway through, super tired and my limbs are making these pathetic, gasping movements.

I accomplished something on my "Things to Do before I'm 30 list." Now the list is rather modest since I turn 30 in about 3 weeks but I wanted to take advantage of a discount ticket program. I went to see "Lost in Yonkers" at the Globe Theater in San Diego. It was very good and I got to see it for $20. The stage was a circle-in-the-square type with a pit that allowed for excellent stairway entrances. The acting was pretty stellar. There are a lot of family fights in the play and the whole theater, which is quite small, felt like it was full of tension.

Hmmm, "Things to Do Before I'm 30." I will make a list. And then maybe make a list of what went down in my 20's and what I'd like to accomplish in my 30's. The best things about the future plans list will be looking at it 10 years from now and seeing in how many ways, life refuses to be planned and things still turn out pretty amazingly.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bar Method

So, in my never ending quest to try every workout and stick with none, I tried the Bar Method workout yesterday. Even before I had tried my first class, I bought the unlimited month of classes for $100. I'm fairly intrigued b/c it seems that it must really be able to hook a large number of people because there are definitely a lot of regulars and the price goes up significantly after the first month. If I do decide to stick with it though, there's a military discount which makes the price a little more tolerable.

The workout was hard! I knew it would be but still, it's unbelievable that those little movements can cause so much pain. The pain is different from other workouts I've tried. Normal pain usually involves feeling muscle fibers tear and ligaments overstretch which makes me dread the stiffness that I know will come the next day. The bar method pain is just complete and total muscle fatigue without destroying it so while I'm sore in certain areas today, I can definitely go back again tonight. I'm going to try and go 5 times a week for the next four weeks to maximize the chance that I'll see a significant change that will make me want to stick with it.

Overall, the class was a mix of size, ages and shapes although thin, buff and early 30's dominated. One girl's shoulders in particular were ridiculously toned. I usually keep to myself during workouts out of habit from years of running solo, but it was helpful to peek at people to figure out what the heck was going on since the instructor didn't do very many of the exercises. She moved around a lot to correct positioning but certain verbal instructions were hard to implement without a visual.

I'm also going to keep my cardio routine in place for two reasons: 1. I have my half marathon at the end of April and 2. when I gave up running to devote all my time to P90X, I gained about 7 pounds that I'm trying to work off right now. Those pounds, btw, were definitely not all muscle. So, even though the American founder Burr Leonard is against running for several reasons, I'm going to keep it up. I plan on tracking myself both by weight loss (hopefully!) and how my corduroys that are too small currently fit. Hopefully I can fit into them by the time I go to Denmark because they are super-cute. Unfortunately, cords tend to become uncute very quickly if one tries to stuff herself into them. Cords definitely need to be a touch loose to look right, rather than oh-so-wrong.

Monday, March 1, 2010

February Recap!

*Sigh* Blogging once a month is NOT meeting my New Year's Resolution at all. I should have known but really, I am going to do better! My life just isn't as travel and action packed anymore now that I'm a boring resident but February was pretty fun. So...

Highlight of the month? LASIK, baby! I went in on the 9th of February and had the procedure on Saturday. I love it! My eyes are still healing as evidenced by halos from artificial light sources (hi computer screen) but it's really mild. I cannot believe that I can wake up and I am sans contacts but seeing 20/20. It still feels like I have contacts since things are a scootch dry but things will get better over the next week and even better over the next 1-3 months.

I also feel a little bit dorky since I feel that it's amazing that my eyes were fixes with LASERS!

A few other highlights: I purchased my ticket to Copenhagen. I'm leaving in April and staying for two weeks. I'm also going to visit my sister in Zurich and take another side trip somewhere, likely Norway? I'll research it after the inservice exam this Saturday.

I had another amazing meal at Starlite. There fixe prix menu on Tuesdays is unreal: 3 courses for $20. My friend and I had beer cheese soup (amazing, really!), shepherd's pie and blood orange mousse for dessert. I've been drinking red wine more lately rather than the Starlite Mule, but that drink does have a very special place in my heart.

Not being able to remember everything is definitely firming up my resolution to blog more. March is going to be pretty awesome with the inservice being over soon, a trip to L.A. and the Getty museum, seeing a play (more later) and likely, a few good meals in San Diego. After an amazing brunch at Cafe Chloe this weekend, I am stoked to try El Camino where our waitress had a second job. But their Taco Tuesdays may compete with my Starlite love affair! Oh no!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Year's Weekend

New Year's Eve was SO much fun. Mechen flew in the night before to start our long vacation and the next day we were off to Hotel Solamar for a New Year's Eve party. A few of the women from work and I decided that it would be fun to reserve a cabana on the rooftop bar and it was one of the best party planning decisions I've ever been a part of. It was great. We ended up having about 16 people and having our own place to mingle was awesome. We had to get bottle service in order to "pay" for the cabana, which was reasonable for a New Year's Eve fete. Everyone got along well and Mechen invited two of his friends from the Kitty Hawk, which was nice because it had been awhile since he had seen them, they are fun and it meant that he had friends that he knew prior to that night.

But I was just so happy to be with Mechen. I love New Year's and to be with him at midnight, as cheesy as it may be to people cooler than I, was awesome!

The rest of the weekend was spent recovering/being mellow. We went to the zoo for free (woo hoo active duty special!). The zoo was pretty cool but it's hard to top the time I went and the polar bear swam around and placed his paw on the aquarium glass. It was huge!

Afterwards, we went to a really neat gallery in North Park that has a ton of handblown glass mini-terrariums of succulents. Then we ate at the Linkery and had a delicious sausage themed meal/mix of dishes with flights of beer. Just so you know, although cask beer tastes good, it is served almost at room temp and no matter how tasty it is, I like my beer cold. So that was my experiment in cask beer.

The next Morning, we went to SmallBar and had a great brunch, the highlight of which is definitely their spicy Bloody Mary that has so many fixings and garnishments, it's like it's own meal. That bar is really fun and has a great brunch menu as well as being pretty decent in the evening as well. Their jukebox is good although I have to Shazam everything since, again, I'm not all that in the know about what kids these day like. It's also a little loud first thing in the morning because I think they start it out at drunk Saturday night levels. My, I sound like quite the old lady! It's like I'm reaching a "milestone birthday" soon.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Catch-Up CA road trip post

This is a catch-up post more than three years later but I wanted to put in our itineary from our road trip.  Kind of weird that I didn't write it up then, but oh well.  The trip featured the most amazing, sunny weather, which is apparently unusual for that time of year.

Sunday, 1/3: We drove up the 101 to Santa Barbara.  We stayed at the Hotel Oceana Santa Barbara (inc. Breakfast and 2 hour beach cruiser rental!).        

Monday, 1/4: We took the cruisers out and headed towards the Four Seasons for a nice bike ride in Santa Barbara.  Then we headed up to Hearst Castle and took a tour. What amazing views and grounds.   Tip: make advanced reservations online because they do sell out!  I loved the two pools.  Then we headed up to Big Sur, which we ended up driving in the dark along hair pin turns.  We stayed at the Big Sur Lodge and ate dinner up there.  Yum!
Tuesday, 1/5: We hiked in Big Sur- one trail behind the Lodge into the forest and then down to Julia Pfieffer Burns State Park that features the cool waterfall that at high tide empties directly into the ocean.  Then we went to Carmel and walked around.  We stayed at the Cobblestone Inn.  It was nice but we switched rooms in the middle of the night because of a HORRIBLE clinking noise that was constant and non-stop from the radiator.

Wednesday, 1/6: We drove around 17 Mile Dr and headed for Davenport.  We skipped Monterey- too little time.  We stayed in the Davenport Roadhouse.  There was a Prix Fixe Dinner that night at the restaurant $25/each and locally brewed beer.  Yum!

Thursday, 1/7:   Then we went to San Francisco. We walked the city, went to Coit Tower and had the best meetball sandwich at Mario's Bohemian Cigar Shop.  We went to Bourbon and Branch and had delicious drinks.  We stayed at Hotel Adagio.

Friday, 1/8:  We toured the Golden Gate Park/Presidio, mainly by car, ate at Tartine and then boomed down the 5 back to San Diego.