Sunday, October 28, 2012

October, part 2

The workweek of 10/15-10/19 was pretty uneventful although overall, I've been getting some pretty awesome cases and I feel I'm making good progress on my sinus and ear (in particular) surgery skills.  I was gearing up for Greg and my's wetting-down on 10/20. It was an awesome party!  The people there were great and everyone was very mingling without too much shoptalk.  The food was great and there was plenty of alcohol.  Several people got pretty wastey-face because Greg had bought these mini-cups that were actually designed for shooters.  So, people underestimated how much wine they were drinking because they just kept refilling although really, every two cups = 1 glass of real wine.  I say real wine b/c I usually drink more than 4 oz in my servings but that's technically 1 serving (for losers!).  Afterwards, we went out to Imperial House and saw Rick Lyon (I love his "Time After Time" rendition.  Next, we went to Rich's then headed to North Park to The Office.  It was an awesome night and I was so tired the next day!  It was a very lazy Sunday, apart from the fairly massive clean-up.

On Tuesday, I went out to Happy Hour with Jenny and Brooke.  We were hoping to meet people but this actually was not the best plan since Tuesday is not the busiest night and we were out on the earlier side anyway.  I think we'll start heading out to Friday Happy Hours instead.  On Wednesday, I went out to dinner with one of my roommates from the Mercy.  That was awesome and we talked and talked.  Then we went to yoga.  Afterwards, I stopped in at The Office and met the music booker and one of the manager's at Jimmy Loves.  It's a restaurant in Gaslamp that has pretty awesome music even though I haven't been in awhile since I don't really like Gaslamp.  I feel like GL has too many businessmen conventioneer attenders on bad behavior and too many college kids.  But I'll be there for Halloween to see Grace Potter and the Nocturnals!

Friday was Two Door Cinema Club, which was a great concert even though the person I was supposed to go with flaked.  I went right before the band came on and they were awesome.  Then I went to The Office where the music was awesome!  I just got Spotify premium and the two lists I want to make are 90s hiphop/R&B a la high school mixers and 90s grunge/modern rock for the OR.  At the Office, it was mostly hip-hop for awhile and it was SO much fun to dance to.

Last night was a work party for Bach's going away.  It was a really nice party but there has definitely been a lot of ENT socializing recently!  Tonight is game night at Cat and Gary's which was fun last month although I didn't like the game which was basically a big bluffing card game.  So, I may just watch if that's the game played although I hear they're going to switch it up.

Off to sign dictations.  Blaugh!


So, there are a few sentences that I think are highly mockable.  The first, actually is a phrase- "First Annual."  I loathe those two words together.  The first sentence occurs as soon as a plane lands and multiple people get on their phones to tell someone, "I just landed."  Whhhhhyyyyy?!?!  You are not at the gate/off the plane/getting your luggage.  This call only accomplishes making you sound like a tool to your nearby, soon-to-be-former seatmates.  And while on one hand, who cares what strangers think, it still makes you sound like an idiot.

The second sentence is always along the lines of "Oh my gosh, I can't believe it's November/Summer's over/the year's halfway done/etc."  While I truly believe this is a really stupid thing to say, there is definite validity to the feeling.  So, I guess I think it but try not to say it that often.  That being said, I feel this way currently.  I think part of it is that my life has changed so dramatically in the last few months.  I've moved back down to San Diego, started chief year and, most unexpectedly, ended my relationship with Mechen.  There's not much about it that I want to put on a blog, but although overall it's a good thing that I'm definitely ok with at this point, it's pretty amazing to go from super-together with future plans to single.  It's been fun with some dates already but still, unexpectedly different and a big change from my life even just three months ago. 

It reminds me of Stephen Jay Gould's lecture I saw in college where he talks about the "punctuated equilibrium" theory of evolution.  That evolution is not a smooth, ever-constant velocity spectrum of change but rather periods of equilibrium punctuated by dramatic change in a relatively short time period.  This fits on a micro-level when I think about my life and the idea of major life events in general.  So much of my life is packaged into discrete units of time- high school/college/med school, internship, Japan, residency, my two long-term adult romantic relationships.  When things change, it tends to be a pretty sudden shift.  So far, I've been happy with all my forward progress but I definitely want to continue to embrace dynamic improvement.  I went to a yoga class where the teacher told a pretty hokey anecdote but, nonetheless, resonated.  She spoke of when Michelangelo was painting the Sistine Chapel and a young apprentice asked how he could become a great artist and Michelangelo said, "Paint.  Always paint.  Never stop painting."  While I doubt this ever happened (and even if it did, I doubt it was in English), she carried the story on to say, "What if we all lived like this?  Every moment of every day, we lived.  'Live.  Always live.  Never stop living.'"  And while I think it's hard to always be "on," it gives me a certain sense of mindfulness to appreciate each moment as a gift and try to make the most of it.  The idea already complements the gratefulness I feel on a daily basis when I appreciate all I have.  Most of this perspective has mostly come from what I've seen as a doctor.  To me, I appreciate that I have two strong legs I can walk and run on rather than have lost them; I can breathe the air without needing an oxygen tank; I don't have cancer; I can wipe myself after using the restroom rather than needing someone else. 

Anyway, this is what I'm thinking about as it is, afterall, almost November!  Things are coming up like the rest of my chief year, a new place to live, an old place to leave behind *sniff*, new dates and planning a board study plan and a big July vacation.  It's all, actually, super exciting and I feel really lucky. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Another fun week!  Things at work are going swimmingly with a good semi-annual eval on Friday.  Socially, things are still busy and fun.  I'm having such a great time in San Diego- I am SO glad I live down in the city and can see my friends more often.  On Monday, I went out to Alchemy which was terrific.  $1 oysters, Thai-inspired meat wrapped in lettuce cups (chicken or turkey- unsure) and tongue tacos.  It was all delicious and I really like the decor of the restaurant.

Tuesday, I went out to R gang for Jen's birthday.  It was great b/c it was Happy Hour all night so we all ordered lots of snacks, mostly tater tots.  Jen's husband had also bought a delicious cake from Extraordinary Desserts which we demolished.  Well, there were leftovers but we made a pretty good dent in it.

Wednesday, Cat and I went out for dinner at Hillcrest Tavern.  We shared some salad, mac 'n' cheese and poke.  This was a slightly healthier dinner apart from the Mac.  It's a good thing I exercise a lot or I would be a fatty-bo-batty with all this dining out!

Thursday, I got my teeth cleaned- yay!  Dental will get off my back!  It was a quick appointment since I take pretty good care of my teeth.  Flossing and Sonicare toothbrush for the world!

Friday, I went out to Alexander's where I had an amazing seafood risotto.  The scallops in it were cooked perfectly- I wish I could have more right now!

Yesterday, was a RIDICULOUS night since I met up with Jen, Jeremy and Jim.  Despite lacking a  "J" in my name, they let me hang.  We went to Tractor Room, Martinis On Fourth and then went to "walk by" Rich's, where we stayed until 0230 dancing the night away.  It was  It was Rufskin night (a local guy's lingerie-type shop) so there were tons of attractive men dancing around in designer skivvies.  So not only was the dancing fun, the eye-candy topped it off.  It was a great night and I paid for it slightly this morning but nothing brunch at Snooze and a nap couldn't fix!  I also fixed up my bike today (the first tube change went poorly as my tube was likely pinched as it popped, taking out the tube and the tire).

Finally, I've been doing a good job on getting to Barry's Bootcamp, although I would like to try and get BodyRok in at least twice a week.  I bought the BB academy so I've been going four times a week, which feels like a pretty good sweet spot for that workout.  I feel pretty lean and I'm trying to do well with my diet although clearly, it's not stopping my socializing.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Week in Review

When my blog becomes rich and famous (read: never), I will have to work on my titles.  Currently, that's a weak spot!

This week was way more mellow than last week, which was a nice balance.  I was on call, which has continued to be blissfully quiet (jinx!).  Keller came over on Tuesday and fixed my brakes and chain on my Dahon.  It was a pretty simple repair but I was glad to watch rather than make my bike explode.  It even gave me confidence to change my tube last night which went pretty well.  Today, I'm going to de-rustify my road bike and Google how to grease the chain.  I know, so simple for most but I really know next to nothing about bikes.

On Wednesday, I went to GROUPLOVE with Sean (b-day boy!), Tawnne and Jenny.  The band was terrific as was their opener, Alt-J.  My favorite song by GL is "Lovely Cup", although this is closely followed by "Naked Kids" and "Chloe."  Alt-J is a super-mellow band with a driving bass/organ sound that is pretty awesome.  "Fitzpleasure" is my favorite song.  Both bands were great live!  Alt-J was pretty mellow with a set most everyone sat through.  Which is fine, but the GL set was so high-energy. Everyone was on their feet and at the end, the band invited everyone up to the front which led to an even more exciting vibe!

Thursday, I hung out here at the apartment, watched the sunset on the roof and made a delicious grilled cheese.  Bryon keeps bringing home sourdough bread from Bali Hai.  The bread is amazing although I'm trying to limit how much I eat so I don't turn into a puff-puff.  This does not seem to affect MMM though, who eats bread all day long and is quite thin (hate).  Maybe because he alternates with pasta and beer...hmmm, still wouldn't work for me.

This weekend has been super-mellow compared to last.  Friday, the residents went out with Bitter Bach to Tiger!Tiger! which was awesome.  Chris, Shelb-o and I hung out for awhile afterwards, which was pretty cool.  Saturday was the South Park Walkabout with Beth and her friend Melissa.  Yesterday, I went on a hike/run with Liz, Steffani, Janelle and Laura followed by Barry's Bootcamp a few hours later.  I felt badly because there was a rather large woman in there who just couldn't hang.  And although I really like the instructor in that class, he did NOT do much to help her out.  So, she left.  I felt badly though because yesterday's class was pretty ridiculous with how fit people were.  I'm usually the fastest woman and yesterday, I was off by at least 1 mph.  Last evening, I watched the Chargers game at North Park Tavern and True North.  In between, I stopped at the wig shop and bought my bright red wig for Halloween.  Yay!

Today, is a holiday.  I'm going to finish up with my room, write a first draft of a paper, work out, make cookies (check!) and a few other errands.  Oh, room, why are so easily mused?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Week in Review

This past week was crazy!  I wasn't on call and I did so many fun things.  I don't think I can sustain the pace on other non-call weeks but I had such a good time!  And I don't say, "I was so busy!" in a whiny way- it was great to have so many things to do.  But it was pretty packed.

Last Sunday, I went to the Art Walk by the Bay and Mission Brewery with Brooke and Cat.  The day was gorgeous and there was some pretty amazing art work.  Once we were done strolling, we headed over to the Mission Brewery for a quick beer.  Afterwards, I headed to Zen's house for a Chinese food feast cooked by her Mom.  It was delicious.   After hanging out on their deck for awhile, I headed home.

Monday, I went to El Camino for dinner, drinks and air hockey (!).  Wednesday was a quick stop-by the Whistlestop for Michelle's birthday.  Then, the weekend came!  Friday, I went to Station briefly to hang out with the residents, although I mostly talked to Beth and Erin.  Then, I headed to a friend's place in Little Italy/Marina Village for a Mexican fiesta-themed birthday party with delicious carne asada tacos and strong drinks.  I felt like a little bit of an asshole since I introduced myself to people I actually knew from work but I usually only see their eyes.  They are all anesthesia folks so between the hat and mask, there isn't much I see in the OR and besides, everyone looks different in regular clothes!

I walked home that night and the next morning, biked to my car.  I went to Joe's garage sale where I sold a mirror (holla!), drank mimosas, watched college football and ate pizza.  Then, several of us went to the mall and I got an awesome shirt and shoes on sale at Anthro and a dress from Urban Outfitters.  Next, we went to the beach and I surfed.  After all of that, I was le tired so I went home to take a nap.  Brooke and I went out to the Linkery for a quick bite and then to The Office for dancing.  We had delicious drinks, including a tequila shot with the bartender and a round of drinks on him.  The music was great and we had the best time.

Sunday morning, I woke up way too early.  I went to Cafe Calabria and the Mission for much needed coffee and brunch.  Then I went SCUBA diving for the first time in 5 years!  It was so much fun!  I saw live sand dollars, a sea anemone, a starfish and an octopus.  So awesome!  I was overweighted but at least I know for next time.  Afterwards, I moved my last carload from Cardiff, put most of it in storage and now...I'm done!  Moved out of Cardiff!  It's bittersweet but I am SO HAPPY in my new place that good feelings are the overriding emotion.

Finally, I headed over to Cat and Gary's for game night which was fun but we played a Spy game that involved lots of lying.  I don't like lying to my friends- a nice dose of honest cheating ;) yes, but hurts my circle of trust!

Ok, time to go to work.  And detox.