Hello!  I've kept this blog for several years with a particular focus on my travels and trips. It's really kept me from feeling like my brain is made of Swiss cheese because I can't remember things.  I use my maiden-middle-name as my "first name" on the blog because I try to keep Google-y patients away from my personal life.  Maybe I think strangers care a lot more about me than they do but better safe than sorry!

I live in Silicon Valley after a just-shy-of-two-years stint in Japan.  But don't worry, my culture shock was minimized by watching the TV show Silicon Valley, which is hilarious and sometimes, a little more mockumentary than was probably intended initially.

Hobby-wise, I enjoy reading modern fiction.   I'm currently part of a book club that I really like.  I run and I'm fast for a recreational runner but slow for anyone who runs for reals.  My husband and I rock climb together, although he is much better at it than I am. I like cooking and throwing dinner parties, usually with a mingling, food station feel rather than formal sit-down.

Feel free to comment or email- I'll make you a gold card fan club member (I am so funny).

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