Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Meet the Fockers!

I just came back from the best weekend. I got to meet all of Mechen's brothers along with their families. Everyone was really welcoming. It's a really sweet family that, like mine, is able to pick up where they left off even though it had been FOREVER since Mechen had seen them (6 years! Way too long!).

Best of all, even though everyone was really nice, it was also very real. It wasn't like we were insta-family right away (just add water!), but they were happy that Mechen was happy and we all got along really well. I remember one ex's family was so overbearing- "Call me Mom!"- and it was really off-putting. I HAVE a family and even though over time we'll all be closer, it's something that happens over time. I guess I'm just a little sensitive to people insinuating that my family couldn't possibly be close since we don't live near each other, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. I love my family!

We hung out in Hagerstown for the weekend. Mechen and I hung out on our own a little bit, but it was mostly family time. He has the cutest nephews!

Also, vegan month is dead like the cow in the burger I ate on Sunday. Although I'm not going on a crazy meat-eating rebound since I didn't eat much to begin with, the strict veganism thing is not for me. It's WAY too much thinking about food and tracking it which I don't think is healthy, at least for me. Becoming compulsive about food is not enjoyable and since I really do love a good meal (balance is key!), I really didn't want to sap away the social interaction and pleasure that food can bring.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


OMG. I went to Bar Method class tonight- toodle-dee-doo- thinking it would just be an ordinary class. I was happy since I went home and had some oatmeal since I was close to being "hangry" but instead, I was set for my workout.

Oh.my. The Bar Method San Diego just started to break out level 2's from 1's on Tuesday and Thursday nights so I braved a Level 2 class. It kicked my butt. I have never had such uncontrollable shaking in my legs before. While I love the Bar Method (I almost typed "BM" but changed my mind), I've always thought their emphasis on shaking was kind of stupid. It's always encouraged as it's a "sign" of reshaping the muscle and calorie burn. Maybe. I guess I can buy it in relation to forming longer, leaner slow twitch muscles fibers (Type 1 to 2, or vice versa?) but it still sounds slightly ridiculous to me. Tonight, however, I don't care what shaking means, all I know is that Jessica led a crazy-tough class and I loved it! It was definitely quite a challenge!

I'm also trying to do a vegan diet for 3 weeks. I've heard so many benefits from veganism that I want to try it for myself. It's fairly easy for me since I'm not the biggest meat eater although I'm going to have to REALLY benefit from veganism in order to give up cheese and fish long-term. I'm also meeting Mechen's brothers in a week and I don't want to be his crazy California girlfriend. I'm going to try and stick at least with vegetarian options, but I'm not going to make a scene about it. I've also been trying to avoid gluten which I think will also be tough to do that weekend. But I will plan, bring some snacks and try!

I also consider myself a "born-again" vegan since I started on 1 Oct, but ate a huge rack of ribs on the 3rd during the Chargers game tailgate. It was delicious! I bought the tickets before I decided to do this so I didn't really care about my new-found diet fad. But now, I'm back on the wagon!

The Chargers/Cardinals game was so much fun. Five of us went on the Pizza Port party bus which meant we got a ride to the game, beer on the bus (yay!)(and gluten-avoidance what?), a great tailgate, awesome seats (not really but the stadium is pretty small), and a ride back. I also went with some awesome girls so it was a really great time. One of my friends posted 190(!) pictures on Facebook which is crazy! I'll try and get one on here at some point. That's about all I can handle trying to coordinate.

Ok, off to prepare for pre-op tomorrow and sign some dictations. Snooze!