Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fun weekend!

This past weekend was the funnest! And while "funnest" might not technically be a word and some might even find it annoying, it apparently isn't as annoying as "kewlest" to some folks. That word sparks vitriol although I think it's hilarious. Oh, well. Tastemaker I'm not.

ANYway! I had so much fun this past weekend. On Friday, I watched "The Big Labowski" which I saw at some point during high school. I don't get the cult-classic appeal but there were some excellent lines. "I'm calmer than you...I just want to point out I'm calmer than you." In addition, I'm firmly on the side of hating the Eagles so I definitely appreciated the scene where the Dude gets thrown out of a cab for expressing the same opinion.

On Saturday, I had a pretty mellow day but then got called up by a friend to go out to "The Steamery." I love seafood! Too bad I misheard. But I loved the other place too, a very chi chi club called Stingeree here in SD. It's totally not my normal scene but the DJ was really good and we had our own table so much dancing ensued. Well, actually, not tons but it was a lot of fun.

I got home at 3 and guess what I had committed to prior to accepting the invite out on Saturday? A 10-miler starting at 9. I woke up and felt great so I went for it. I caught up with my friend Amanda whom I hadn't seen in awhile. We ran the entire Mission/Pacific Beach boardwalk continuing into Wind N'Sea and back. Then I went back home and crashed. It was a 3 hour nap and I woke up with a sleep hangover. It felt luxurious! Then, I went out to Neighborhood for dinner. I was STARVING since I slept through lunch. While the Black Bean Burger was pretty good, the sweet potato fries were STELLAR. OMG, so good.

Then, Jenny and I went to The National concert at Spreckel's Theater. They put on a great, energetic 2 hour show. The opening band wasn't bad and I really had a fun time. I would have preferred a Friday or Saturday night concert but it was worth staying out late on a school night!

The National's Setlist
* Start a War
* Mistaken for Strangers
* Anyone's Ghost
* Bloodbuzz Ohio
* Afraid of Everyone
* Secret Meeting
* Slow Show
* Squalor Victoria
* All the Wine
* Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks
* Little Faith
* Conversation 16
* Apartment Story
* Daughters of the Soho Riots
* Abel
* Sorrow
* England
* Fake Empire
* Runaway
* Lemonworld
* Mr. November
* Terrible Love
* About Today

Sunday, May 9, 2010

San Diego Spring!

I feel like my life is so boring after vacations! I go from doing new, exciting things all day long to the fairly mundane day-to-day. That being said, I love my life! I just don't know how interesting it is to talk about it sometimes. Whah-whah (aside: how do I type the Debbie Downer tone b/c I think what I just typed "sounds" more like crying).

My weekend has been pretty fun although SUPER mellow. The highlight was definitely Mechen calling! Hooray for sneaky phone calls on official lines! It was so great to talk to him and hear his laugh. It's funny because we keep up pretty well by email but there's so much to say and not that much time on the phone and sometimes I just want to sit there on the phone, knowing that we're doing the exact same thing at the exact same time.

I also got my nails done and I might have a new thing! I think my hands and feet look just slightly more "neat" and I love the unlimited tacky options I can have on my toenails. Mainly in terms of color. I think I'm too cheap for flowers or Swarovski crystals on my big toe! Right now, I have a delightfully tacky hot pink color on my toenails. I would pick a totally Crayola color except I always think I'm being made fun of when all of a sudden, the language switches from English to another! Choices!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Copenhagen Wrap-Up!

After the Switzerland trip, we were back baby! Back in the land of the hopelessly chic and budding trees, which was very exciting after having lived in San Diego for two years. Trees without leaves? How novel!

So, on the 15th, Dad arrived in Copenhagen for his R&R from Marja. Much needed, I think. And it turned out to be unbelievably fortuitous that he arrived on the 15th rather than his original date of the 16th b/c European Airspace was starting to get a little messy at that point although total chaos didn't hit until the 17th. Although Dad was tired, he wanted to do something so we hit up the Louisiana museum again and the Batten amusement park where Joe kicked ass on a shoot-out game. I didn't partake but I was happy to see the entire "Color in Art" exhibit and grab a beer outside on a day with crystal blue skies.

The next day, I went to Roskilde on my own and saw the coolest Viking museum. The ships were amazingly reconstructed by having the recovered beams affixed to stark steel beams. There were also replicas available for viewing. It was small but really cool. It's amazing what interests peoples and what hobbies people pursue. I have to admit though, I wanted to take up 8th century ship building techniques and build myself a rowboat!

On the 17th, Dad, Joe and I went to Dragor to see the cute fishing village. Joe and I also went to the Glyptotek back in Copenhagen and saw the coolest Egyptian exhibit where we walked down a darkened staircase like we were going into a tomb. There were several sarcophaguses and two mummies! AUGH! Mummies! That night, we had Joe's commissioning ceremony and party which was totally awesome. My brother, 2LT!

The next day, my flight was cancelled due to massive volcanic ash. The whole family went for a walk in Fredickborg Park, which was beautiful. We had an extra family dinner (yay!).

Finally, on Monday, I went for one last bike ride, walked the Stroget and had drinks with everyone except Brady who had started her epic train journey. I went to the airport last night and managed to book a flight to start my trip home. The catch? Overnight bus to Oslo. Otherwise, I was stuck in Copenhagen until the 27th. Not really an option.

So I went on an overnight bus with a seatmate who expanded when sleeping and had personal space issues, at least according to my uptight American way of thinking. Then I stood in two lines for a combined 5 hours and yelled at old people who were cutting (let it be known that they were very healthy and WRONG- they were not infirm, nor were they right although they thought so. They were just dirty cutters). Next, I cried at the counter b/c I thought my wallet was stolen and got a voucher for coffee. I then proceeded to find my wallet in a different bag (thank goodness!). I was pretty embarrassed that I was so out of it that I had packed my wallet. Who does that? People who want to get free coffee and have no dignity, apparently. (Me!) But really, I had sprinted after a bus when I first figured out my wallet wasn't in my purse so really, I thought someone had lifted it in Copenhagen since I had my purse open, basically asking someone to steal it from the luggage cart.

The first leg though, I felt my head roll in the headrest like I was in need of a good old fashion exorcism. When I woke up, my seatmate was gone. More room for me! Score! Write that down as a technique for future flights!