Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So, April's come and almost gone. I'm now the oldest! I've! ever! been! after having a lovely birthday. I think it's pretty freaky to have my 20s almost behind me. Yikes! Although I like to think of myself as an adult, I've still retained the little kid notion of, "What? I could never be that old. That stuff is for other people."

But, I'm glad I'm here. I'm having the best time and completely loving life so if getting older comes along with that (and in fact, deepens my appreciation for how awesome life is) well, then, so be it.

I had an amazing time on vacation and then came back to...work. And it stunk. I barely operated this month since I was the juniorest junior on the blue team. There were four residents. Insanity. So I got to do a lot of scut work and got to watch others operate which is a little old since I've been doing that since I was a med student.

I also had a fair number of visitors this month. An awesome friend of mine from internship is coming to the hospital in July to start her cardiology fellowship. I hung out with her and her fiance one night and had the best time. I can't wait for her to come to San Diego, hooray!

Then the ship's surgeon came in last weekend for a conference. I saw her and her boyfriend. And their little dog, too! Pumpkin was very sweet and tres cute.

Three more days until I start my research months. Hooray!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fall back, Spring forward!

Spring, Spring, I love Spring. I'm out on a deck in Suffolk, VA wearing a tee-shirt (and pants! never fear!) and it is the most perfect, beautiful temperature ever. Did you know a temperature could be beautiful? Me neither but once I'm in it, I remember.

Having a week off is such a tonic. I love having nothing to do, especially when I know it's a temporary thing. I do not think I could live the life of a lady of leisure, but it is quite nice to mimic it for a week.

I'm staying at this amazing home in Suffolk, which is owned by two people who are completely redoing it. And it looks like such a huge project. Originally, they wanted to open a B&B in the future, but I think that plan is shelved. But it's amazing to see a huge-scale project and all the effort and talent that goes into making it a success. The kitchen is absolutely beautiful (and done!)- amazing tilework, stone floor, granite counter tops (and not in a cheesy, "let me sell you a condo" type of way, just high quality, beautiful "Food and Wine" type of kitchen.

Tonight, I'm going to go to the Chrysler Museum of Art for Wine and Jazz, as long as Mechen gets off work in time. Well, I'm going to go early and check it out. Then, maybe, if they finish clutching in the port shaft (ha, ha, like I know what that means!), we'll go together.