Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fun weekend!

I had such a fun weekend. I feel I should write it down so that when I feel like the weekend was a million years ago and I realize that it's only Monday afternoon, I'll be able to look back and get some perspective.

Friday night, I vegged out. Boring but needed.

Saturday, I killed my to-do list. I went for my long run (7.2 miles w/o music- I needed the thinking time). I also got a pedi/brows, finished ALMOST all of my notes, took an awesome nap and watched the Christmas episode of Modern Family.

Today, I went for a fast 3.8 mile run (29:17), did yoga, watched a bit of football, went to the Menil Collection (loved) and finally, say Young Adult and had Tom Yum soup for dinner. So, overall, a great weekend. Next weekend will be even better since MECHEN will be here!!!

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