Monday, December 9, 2013

New Love!

Don't worry!  SMS is #1 in my heart in the person category but in the thing category, I have a new favorite.  This new object of my affection displaces my magic Christmas tree, so obviously you can tell I have really high and classy standards.

Out with the old...

Magic Christmas Tree: I will have a .gif timelapse soon!

In with the new...

Kerosene heater: You are so full of cheap warmth!
I am so happy to be the owner of two (2!) kerosene heaters.  Well, they're actually on loan from the housing self-help desk but since SMS will be here soon and he is allergic to cold, the timing couldn't be better.  Hooray!


  1. SMS is definitely allergic to the cold. I heard he is also allergic to carbon monoxide. I hope those things are safe.

  2. Never fear, I also have a carbon monoxide alarm. I don't do so well with carbon monoxide either. I turn all red!!!