Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Back in SD!

Oh, yeah!  I sort of have a job!  Although I really wanted to maintain the Endless Summer vibe I had going, it was time to head back to work for one month of research.  My clinical responsibilities are done but I am in resident status until 9 August.  Then SMS and I are going on a fun road trip prior to me leaving to Japan.  The actual departure date is something I don't even want to think about- I'm going to be so sad.

Anyway, I'm studying and finishing up projects.  I'm also in the middle of my last week of call which *so far* has been pretty good.  Tonight I'm on duty with a new PGY-2 so it'll be like I'm on primary call so my fingers are crossed for a light night.

Last weekend, between being on call and my stomach, we were pretty mellow.  We went to the beach, hung out around the house and went out to a movie.  It was our first movie date together!   We saw "Now You See Me" which I thought was pretty awesome.  It wasn't very deep, but the magic tricks were so cool and I'll admit, I totally didn't see the twist at the end coming.

I'm also still trying to finish up my name change paperwork.  It's manageable but there's a lot to do.  Add that on to filling out moving/PCS paperwork while juggling two names and it's a fair bit to keep straight but soon I should be set.  What I really need to get moving on is setting up a pack-out date.  Yikes.  At this point, I'll be getting my stuff in November if I don't shake a leg.

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